The Training Division of the Bureau of Police Research & Development is responsible for comprehensive in-service training of Police personnel in the country on common subjects related to the police training across the country. Besides, it also coordinates training of Indian police personnel abroad and within the country by Foreign Security agencies. BPR&D in co-ordination with Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) facilitates training of foreign police personnel in India. Being the nodal agency of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India on issues related to Police training, it has the important task of standardizing training methodology and framing training policies for skill up-gradation of Police officers of all ranks.
BPR&D also supervises the five Central Detective Training Institutes (CDTI) located at Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Ghaziabad, which run courses for central/state police officers in the field of Scientific Investigation. A Central Academy for Police Training (CAPT) established by BPR&D, at Bhopal conducts training programs for DySSP rank officers. Under training intervention scheme BPR&D conducts specialized training programs on various aspects of investigation with an aim to create a pool of trained police investigators on specialized area of investigation in every district of the country. Training Division also reviews Training Methodology and conducts assessment of future needs for police training in the country.



Nepalese Police Delegation presenting Memento to DG BPR&D

DG and BPR&D Officers with Nepalese Delegation

BPR&D has training collaboration with approximately 25 countries, such as US, Canada,Italy, Singapore, France, etc., on Capacity Building Programmes for Indian Police Officers. Some of the Capacity Building Programmes are organised in India, with the help of instructors from the friendly foreign countries. The training collaboration is on the following aspects:

  • > Counter Terrorism Response
  • > Interrogation Techniques and Anti Human Trafficking Measures
  • > Crisis Management
  • > Special Weapon And Tactics (SWAT)
  • > Hostage Negotiation
  • > Crime Scene Investigation
  • > Vital Infrastructure Security
  • > Investigative Information Management
  • > Maritime Interdiction of Terrorism
  • > Developing Investigative Information
  • > Technical Medical Training
  • > Investigating the Dark Web
  • > Developing Specialist Investigators
  • > Traffic Management and Investigation of Traffic Accidents

Training of Foreign Police Officers in India

BPR&D coordinates training programs for police officers belonging to SAARC countries and other friendly countries such as Afghanistan, Maldives etc. under various International Bilateral Training Programmes.

Homeland Security Dialogue

BPR&D is regularly sending Indian Police Officers to attend “Major Case Management - Team Commander Course” at Canadian Police College, Ottawa under International Bilateral Training Program.