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Accessibility Help
Use the accessibility options provided by this Website to control the screen display. These options allow increasing the text spacing, changing the text size and colour scheme for clear visibility and better readability.

Text Size Icons
Following different options are provided in the form of icons which are available on the top of each page:

increase text size Increase text size: Allows to increase the text size up to one levels

Decrease text size Decrease font size/Decrease text size: Allows to decrease the text size up to one level

Normal text size Normal text size: Allows to set default text size

Changing the Colour Scheme
Changing the colour scheme refers to applying a suitable background and text colour that ensures clear readability. There are three options provided to change the colour scheme. These are:

Default Default contrast scheme

Yellow text  Yellow text on Grey background

Black text  Yellow text on Black background

Note: Changing the colour scheme does not affect the images on the screen.