Special Projects Division

Special Projects Division came into existence with the inception of the BPR&D. Other than the five other Divisions of the BPR&D which have a well-defined charter, there are large areas which also engage the attention of the Government of India and State/UT police forces from time to time. Subjects such as anti-human trafficking, gender issues and those pertaining to minority and SC/ST require to be attended beyond mere academic studies of the issues involved. In addition, one of the most important requirements of an organisation like the BPR&D is the Statistical Unit which collects data based on which views are formulated and conclusions arrived at. The importance of this work cannot be overstated and it was with this objective that a Special Projects Division was created in the Bureau. This Division in essence is also a repository of all other important tasks which are not dealt with by any other Division in the Bureau.

Important Publications

Major publications and programmes are as under:-

(a) Indian Police Journal (IPJ) - BPR&D's flagship publication (quarterly), started in 1954. Articles on subjects like Policing, Police Administration and Management, Correctional Administration and Prison Management, Forensics, including Digital Evidence and Sharing of Good Practices and Standards among the Police Forces, are published in it.

(b) Data on Police Organisations (DoPO) - Data on Police Organisations (DoPO) has been an annual publication since 1986. Data related to manpower, infrastructure, vehicles, police station, etc., in States/ UTs/CPOs and CAPFs, is published in it. This data is widely used by Government agencies, NITI Aayog, MHA, etc.

(c) Police Vigyan Patrika - This is BPR&D's Police Journal in Hindi (half yearly).

(d) Police Drill Manual - The Police Drill Manual provides a comprehensive guide to all kinds of drills. It is published as per requirement

(e) Sajag Bharat & Vigilant India Magazine - This is a fortnightly magazine of BPR&D covering major achievements of the MHA, CAPFs and CPOs.

(f) BPR&D News Bulletin - It is a quarterly publication of BPR&D, that showcases all the major activities of BPR&D.